How to "move" a prop! Diff: 2/10 or 🟩

Today I’m going to show you how your players can “move” a prop, and some optional things to improve it!


You will need:

Two props (of your choice)

Two buttons


(OPTIONAL)Item granter

First place

First, place the first prop somewhere. For this, I will use a basket of apples.

Place a button right bellow the prop, like so:


Change the buttons settings to look like this.

And run a wire to the button and the prop.

Second place

Place the second prop+button in the second place like you did in the first step.


As seen in the picture, make sure the button is unavailable

Now, lets get onto the wires.


From the first basket to the second button:

From the second button to the second basket:

Optional (Pop up and Item granter)

All of these will be using the second button and basket:

There we go! You can change it up to fit your needs. Happy Giming!

-EG <3


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Nice guide!

You can vote for two options…

Sorry, I copied and pasted the ending from another post of mine. Problem fixed!