Help with my train game

So i’m creating a game where you explore and live in train for a few days, the train will travel in a snowy bare artic area. I need ideas for the train’s wall and floor terrain, and I need help with the train car decor. I also need help with adding curtains to the first class sleeper car’s beds.

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You could also use bicycle racks for the train tracks:


Good collaboration, @Haiasi !

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Try using Dark Metallic for the floors, and Purple Lab Floor for the walls. For curtains, try using some wooden/medal sticks and change the color. That is all I can do. I would use a Camera View for the train, it just has to be pretty big.

Thank you @Haiasi, but you can’t enter those train cars, and the game is set IN a train

*Metallic is the correct way

Gotta say, you got a better answer than me. Gosh.

Yeah, I know, just for the train design.

That is… GENUS @FireAlta2183!


@Haiasi , YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

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How would you make it move though?
Terrain can’t move and you can’t set when it gets hidden or shown.
It’s not a device.

It doesn’t need to look like the train is moving.

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That was all I could do. Even knowing I’ve been here for a respectable amount of time, there is still a lot I don’t know.

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I want the game to focus on the train, not the backround

I thought you said it’ll be travelling?
(Just saying)

Someone edited the post to say that, I did not say that before.

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And, the traveling is train teleporting to towns along the way to the end city. (which is Wellington, by the way)

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No one can edit a post’s content other than Josh or Jeffo.

Nope, it’s possible. People have edited my posts a zillion times. I think it is possible though that you can turn that to off

It is possible, ever seen a TUGTED guide?