How do you make moving props?

I am needing to make an animated part for the movie project that i am make, and I am building a space ship, the “Alphastar”. But I need it to move. So do I just make it to were props turn on them off?

You could try to hide and show them using triggers or wire repeaters (use channels if multiple props)

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There is an animation guide somewhere. Search for it. (I am too lazy :P)

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Yes thats what I was thinking, but they would have to stack and the ship is like 100+ props. And that seem like it would be to much time.

The animation guide uses channels, should be easier

I’ll try that, but how do I exactly? Like i know how to use channels but how do i make it hide and show?

100 props would be like 1000 memory or 1% and it’s not that big so you could try to copy and paste them to make it seem like it is moving

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Its not the size, its the labor. I know the game can handel it, but the time it would take to recreate it over and over, like 5 times would take forever. But I will try, so thank your for your help @Haiasi and @Thats_Gimpossible.

Well, I don’t know a way to do it other than that, it will take long but you can try using less props as the frames go by to make it seem like parts of the ship are breaking and falling into space


Yep, thats what I will have to do… :face_exhaling:

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