How to Make your own in-game trail

Watermelons are items too

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Yeah. And it would be weird having an entire box of melons trailing you.

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really when were melons items

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Since the release of gimkit creative, if my memory serves me correctly.


Great guide! But remember, Pictures are Powerful.

This guide was 7 months ago, WhoAmI lost editing time ages ago.


Hey guys , I have no idea how to create a portal

How do you make it in gimkit creative

A portal? Like a teleporter? It is a device/

like how do you make the map and connect it to the portal

the fishtopia portal . when you play the game you can go to purple pond, sandy shore , cosmic cave and lucky lake

how do I add the button for the teleportal

pretty sure we have a guide for it
next time please make your own help topic though

This should help…
TP guide
if it doesnt, place a button and a teleporter. Wire the button to the teleporter like so;
Button Pressed → Teleport Player Here
Move the teleporter to where the player should be teleported.

Reusable bump.

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