How to make your Gimkit Game have more Questions

[duplicate guide]


I will add pictures in a few minutes.

Could you also link guides that show appropriate device systems?

Yeah, but what do you mean appropriate?

There it is! Alright, cool.

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For the adding energy to move option, you could provide a guide for making a game overlay → questioner and a movement meter.

It’s already added.

Alright I add one to it.

just edited a bit to add that for a question-activated door, getting the question correct should also close the question answering screen.

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Oh yeah, forgot to add that part.

actually it should also deactivate the questioner if you get it right

You could just place it outside walls or out of bounds.
You don’t need to open the questioner directly, you could just use a button.

oh yeah

just realized that this is a duplicate guide…
sure, it’s a wiki version, but no one got the original poster’s permission.

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Yeah, but this was fine, please edit the wiki back, thanks.

no, it was not fine.
no one got the original poster’s permission.
the likes that you get from this are not yours, and you pull attention away from the original guide.