How to make you get energy for answering questions

I’m trying to make where answer questions you get energy I need help figure it out

Wire a questioner to an item granter. Question answered correctly > Grant Item

add an item granter and set it to grant energy.
then, add a wire from your questioner to the item granter and set the wire to:

“question answered correctly > grant item”

and you’re done!

dang it you answered two seconds before me
and gave a simpler explanation

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If you want to move using energy, go to this guide:

also, if you want to lose energy upon answering a question wrong, add another item granter, and set it to grant a negative amount of energy (e.g. -1200). then wire the questioner to the second granter, and set it to:

“question answered incorrectly > grant item”

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add a solution please

Place down a Questioner and an Item Granter. Then, use a wire to connect the Questioner to the Item Granter and select Question answered correctly —> Grant Item

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