How to make vitals (Among us)

make a property global “Dead Players” Text property and Broadcast on changed make it “Deadpeople” make a popup with the Header Vitals and now go to block code channel on “Deadpeople”
now the block code sets header to vitals and the content will change to Deadpeople
The vitals Main
btw you will need To do the killing system
How to make killing for Among Us (Difficulty: :orange_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
Now after doing that modify the tag zone On player tagged Broadcast Eliminated
place a trigger trigger on Eliminated Now add a block code Make A variable named Vitals now this is the block code:

So Vitals is getting the player name the create text with is adding a space for all the other players doesnt look like gibberish and you cannot add words witth the plus cause its math but it does work i have used it the same way for my new game might come out soon Talk
Btw if i didnt get this right or forgot this Dead players is changed by the property Deadpeople


My dream is finaly complete i am now on the among us resources lol

nice guide :slight_smile:

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fr i shouidnt be saying this but i never tested the system :skull:

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it was all like that 10 minute post were you test it in your head but it shouid work and im gonna test the system soon

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ye it works just tested it

cool :slight_smile: but in the future make sure you test it before posting it.

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