How to make vent only for impostors so crewmates cant go into them Among us Vents are made out of telporters

Thank you very much.

put a barrier over the teleporter and then deactivate it if you are an imposter
also a help topic about this was recently posted please check if your answer already exists

You could also read through this guide, or search up venting on the forums. There are various guides on it.

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I don’t get how you deactivate it is you are an imposter

to be the imposter there needs to be a relay so when that relay triggers deactive barrier

yeah but what do you mean by deactivate?

device settings (deactivate barrier when receiving on)

Your impostors are most likely switched to specific team right?

So use a life cycle for when the game starts and then connect that to a relay that relays to the impostors team. The relay will broadcast on a channel that deactivates the barriers over the teleporter vents.

Relay on game start after teams chosen for a signal to come from a relay.
Relay THAT signal over to what @Foxy said…

and that should work…
remember, TEAM SPECIFIC!!

you could use a vending machine that is set up to give the item it takes, with that item being specific to imposters