How to Make Traps (Part 2/3)

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

Random Note

(Sorry Gimkit for the Star Wars reference)

I made a guide on how to make traps. (The Guide).
I have recently been a bit inactive lately, so I decided to make Part 2. This one’s called “The Pop-up Trap”.
You will need:
A Zone/Button
A Checker
An Item Granter x2
A Waypoint
And, Of course, A Popup.
And that’s all! Let’s start!
Step 1:
Gather your materials in one spot, like this:

and wire the button to the checker, like this:

Step 2:
Set the checker up like this:

and set the channels up like this.
Step 3:
Make one item Granter give a crazy item, like a blaster:

And make the other one have a…
Yes. A blueberry. I’m not even joking.

Step 4:
Wire the button to both item granters.

Step 5:
Make the Waypoint say something like press or something like that. This is what I put:

Random Note 2


Step 6:
Remember when we made that channel “up” back in Step 2?
Well, if you don’t, go back up to Step 2, and for everybody who was actually paying attention to what they were reading, make the pop-up settings like this:

And to actually make the trap work, do this:
…and you’re done!

Random Note 3

(IRL this took me 2 days to make)

How difficult is this, with 1 being easy and 10 being extremely hard?

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These trap guides are making clutter. Still, fun how it was two guides in one.

This guide is awesome! But remember to set the poll to single choice, for the best results.

I recommend you read the first guide for info on why I made this, and please, ignore that banana thing in Step 5…

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Thanks! It’s my first time making a poll, so thanks for letting me know!

No problem, I did that my first time to…