How to Make Traps (Part 1/3)

Ok, let’s all admit it: we all want to win sometimes. So, here are my Top 3 favorite traps.

#1: The Box
So, first, make a lobby(that you go to in-game)…

Lobby Instructions

So, you want to make a lobby? Then let’s get started! You will need:
Pre-Prepared Closed Space(For lobby)
In-Game Area
x1 Spawn Pad
x1 Lifecycle
x1 Relay
x1 Barrier(Device)
That’s it! So let’s begin!
Start by going to your pre-prepped area. Mine:

Place one spawn pad at desired location in this area, like this:

Go to settings and set visibility to off, and phase to all:

Now, break a hole in the bottom wall…

and place a barrier in that hole.(If needed, go to Settings>Editing Options>Player Collision>Off.)

Place the Lifecycle + Relay close together in the Pre-Prepped Area and Wire them: Event Occurs>Trigger Relay.

Wire the Lifecycle to the barrier: Event Occurs>Deactivate Barrier, and you are done.

Finished Product:

and place a button in the game area. Set the settings like this:

and place a teleporter in the lobby and equip with these settings.

Set the barrier settings to this:
And the trap is done! So when someone presses the button, they get trapped in the lobby. Or, you could get a team switcher and set it so they turn into spectators if they press the button. The choice is yours!
That’s it for today! Stay tuned for Part 2, Coming Soon!
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Nice guide! So, nice overall, just one thing, when you have a small photo that takes up a lot of space, decrease the size. 9.75/10

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Cool guide! Maybe try to crop the first photos as they show personal info…

Which do you mean? I do not see any.

Your photos have a gim with what we assume is your name.

That is not. It is just my game name.

No actually, I meant the photos from the “lobby” section. Those show tabs which do show personal info…so you may need to crop them…

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How can you re-edit?

Well…you can’t. You ran out of editing time.