How to make train cars in Gimkit Creative [ Part 1 ]

This deserves a (Bump) oh, my head hit a wall! Ow! This is just so great, I cannot take my eyes off of it!


…so detailed…

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This is great! Pretty lengthy though, maybe add dropdowns instead of it being one full post?

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oil RAHHHHHHHHH :eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle:


Wow this looks amazing


@GimSolver not now
anyhow, @Frozen_cursor you gonna do smth

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Dis guide be crazy.


(Should have length warning for pictures lol)

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What do you mean? They can’t reply.


o dang, well thats an issue

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Back when most art guides weren’t either like grabs or just two props. * sigh *


Still shocked that this even happened. But bump.

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True facts! This is more complicated than 90% of all guides, and it’s AN ART GUIDE! GREAT JOB


Hi I’m new here, I just wanted to say that I like the idea but doesn’t take a long time to make is it easy to make?

Cue the welcome speech about… now.

Easy? chuckles.
This is probably the hardest art guide out there on the forums
Scratch that, it is!
Welcome to the forums btw :wave:


Hardest art guide out there on the forums? chuckles.
Well, obviously you haven’t seen this:

This is also by @Frozen_cursor

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just use the tractor

I’m ready @VWOOM . *chuckles

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It seems like spam putting in about a paragraph in every topic that has a new user
@Caternaught and @VWOOM I cant reply anymore
And don’t be rude to me >:|
@Caternaught that doesn’t mean you were not being rude