How to Make Timed Popup Ads (Not actual ads) Difficulty: 2/10

Hi! Today I will be telling you how to make popups that advertise Gimkit game modes (not actual ads) to prank your friends! :smiling_imp: First you take a lifecycle → A repeater. The settings for the repeater should be that the task interval is 1.0 and the stop strategy when receiving on channel.

Next place a counter. Repeater runs task → Increment counter. Set the target to 150 and the target channel “Counter”.

Then you set the counter to reset when receiving on “Counter”. Then place a trigger. Set the settings to trigger when receiving on “Counter” or you can wire it like this: counter target value reached → Trigger. Then make a block with this block c0de:
Screenshot 2023-12-04 6.34.38 PM

Then you place 5 relays for each channel. Then add 5 popups that cannot be closed, activate when receiving on their relay, and close when receiving on “Counter 2”. Here are some ideas for what the popup could look like:


Then make a call to action called “Skip”. Then make the call to action channel “Skipped”.
Screenshot 2023-12-04 6.38.01 PM

Then place a repeater that starts when receiving on “Skipped” has it’s stop strategy after period of time, and set the period of time to 15 seconds.

Then place a counter and wire the repeater to it Repeater runs task → Increment counter. Set the target value to 15, and set the target channel to “Counter 2”. Then you put the settings so that it resets when receiving when receiving on “Counter 2”. Have fun pranking your friends! :smiling_imp: -@Theaxolotl


Nice guide! You want me to add it to it?


OH MY GOODNESS SAKES THIS IS BRILLIANT. ADS!!! Now I know what I’m adding to my next game…now what icons for which ones?


Yes please.

For DLD you should add something like… a… um… idk
CTF: Um… uh…
Tag: …
Fishtopia: Uh… a Fish!


hmm maybe the speed icon for dld?
And isn’t there… But no… arghhh there’s no good ones.

You might just have to wait till you can use custom images (if that ever happens)

yesss now we have ads what else do we need? also the gimkit season 2 ad would be perfect (until december 6th, that is)


Annoying notifications that fill up your screen

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annoying notifications? yes. fill up your screen? needs to be tested (using a mixture of notifications, popups, and activity feed blocks)

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I’m going to make that idea into a guide
It’s just going to keep repeatedly adding popups into your screen after you press a button…


gimkit ads in gimkit :skull:

imagine if they actually add this but let’s not give them ideas

i think we should lessen trap guides
they’re quite easy to make and can clutter the forum like getrithekd said


Finally I can ad proper capitalism to my maps.


Can someone please reply to my guide with a poll? (I tried to make one but it didn’t work.)

Here →

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  • 2/10
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Does that work?


One Way Out - Zapper or Keycard
SnowBrawl - Snowball Launcher
Season 2 - Gold Keycard or Ticket
Snowy Survival - Snowball
DLD - Research or Endurance


Nice Guide! Really enjoyed reading it!

I might just start to tell everyone to just add mini trap guides to my post. That way we can avoid clutter.