How to Make the United States Flag

First place a pole or barrier (If it is a barrier make it vertical)

Then place another barrier
Then make 7 Red stripes and 6 white stripes using the barriers
(Make sure the stripes are on a higher layer, to make it not crash, click the three dots instead and move them to the primary layer (if it crashes, reload or exit it and reopen it, it should work when you try it again)
Then for the stars make it a basketball or bucket (i personally like bucket more) then make 2 barriers for a box to put the stars in (optional)

In the end it should look like this
(I can’t access the forums on my computer so i use it on my ipad)


Not bad! It might be easier if you used grid align. Tell me if you want some constructive critisim.



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My main critism is that the stripe don’t carry under the stars.

To save memory, simply don’t add the white stripes: there’s already a white background, and just use the negative space.

If you want, I can make my own modifications to the stripes and show you.

Don’t forget: grid snap can be your friend.


Also, if this is your first guide, welcome to the community!


It’s my second. Also thanks

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I made a guide you may find interesting, it’s to make an explosion.
How to make an Explosion in Gimkit

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Lol nice is this for the 4th of july thing?

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@Haiasi if you don’t know already, instead of spamming numbers under your text, to get past the 20 character limit you can put letters in these<>. Make sure there are no spaces.

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No. I just saw an early, not very clear post on their idea of an explosion (link in guide), and wanted to see if I could improve on it.

i tried to add a video but it didn’t work. after the bomb room i added a room that locks you in with five OP sentries.

Why does the topic keep getting titled to [Flagged Post - Do Not Reply] when the post is not flagged?

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I flagged it once.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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because it’s funny

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The Star Spangled Gim with a plan bumped into the american flag.


Kinda the same for me, lol. Anyways, nice art.

This is probably his fifty bilionth, and he is OG
like, he was WAY before you and me and everyone else.
(ok, i looked and you joind july 7 he joined july 8, COINCIDENCE)

Also, i just got tl2 like 10 min ago!!!

Or you could do this:
Also congrats @Epi320


WHAT IT’S youR sEcONd GuiDe? U jOiNed on JuLy 8, '23