How to make the Inspect Samples task from Among Us

Hey! Ok, maybe I’m not that active now, but still, I’ve realized that there wasn’t a guide about this! Luckily for you, I’m here to make it.

First, get those chemical tubes. They can be your samples.

Make your button for the task, and make it tp you to your task room. Put the chemical tubes in that room, and enlarge them. Like this size:

Now, place a button in front of all the tubes.

Make the button’s Availability player, and wire it to a wire repeater, and wire it back, deactivating the button. You can make the button invisible if you want.

Now for the waiting part. Wire the button to a notification that says “Come back in 30 seconds(Or however long you wait)”.

Wire the button to a trigger that has NO COLLISION and is NOT visible IN GAME. Set the trigger delay to 30 seconds or however long you want to wait(The number to wait on the notification device corresponds with this). Wire the trigger to another notification device that is titled “GO COLLECT SAMPLES”. Make sure only the triggering player can see it.

Activate a button with a wire from the trigger as well. This will let the player collect the samples and finish the task when they press it.

You’re done now!


Nice guide!

Nice guide!
Is this finished now?
I’ll add this to

You can. I just need to add some pictures


It’s finished!

I watch all topics @Blizzy

Nice guide!

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Are you watching this guide or what? And yes I finished it. Didn’t have time to add pictures so just words are fine.

I found out a way to make a countdown timer without triggers. The only bug is the beginning number repeats twice!


Rare find!

The first instance of a wild burmp seen in the wild!!

(Actually the time where I made up the burmp)