How to make the host decide whether to use questions or not

This is a guide showing how to make the host decide whether to use a questioning system at the beginning of the game.

Step 1: The host room

This should be the easiest step as it is just to make different spawners for different types of people. Just make 2 different rooms with different spawners for the host and the remaining players.

Step 2: The questioning system

Just make your ordinary questioning system.
(questioner, overlay, movement meter, and item granter)
make an in game button for questions, grant energy and put energy as your movement meter. Add a lifecycle to where the game starts, all of these devices are turned off.

Step 3: activating the devices

Put 2 different buttons and change the button messages to yes and no
for yes, wire the button to all the devices to turn on.
for no all of the devices are already turned off so you don’t really have to wire anything.


so for this you need a popup:
so after the buttons have been pressed make it open a popup asking if the host should go into the actual game. put yes and no in the call to action section and make no make the host switch to team spectators and yes teleport the host to the actual game.


I hope this helped!
You can use this guide ESPESIALLY for published maps bc some classroom teachers use creative discover maps frequently in live games, and this would be a workaround for people who do it for fun, and for learning.
Happy Gimkitting: D

And Presidents day!

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Nice guide!

Also, @Beluga_Whale , i’ve noticed you wired a lifecycle to the movement meter. If you’re using the lifecycle to make the movement meter active at start, you don’t need to do that.

The movement meter starts active, even without a lifecycle.

Sorry to be that person but:


didn’t trop use that semicolon thing?
did you get it from somewhere or was that him?

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CringeKarlScott used it I got it from there

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Good guide, but most guides have pictures, too. Could you add them?
No rush

Nice guide! This is really useful for creative maps where you don’t want players to have to be bothered by energy, but also where you want to play it with your class! The poll is a bit broken though. I’ll show you how to make it.

First, you go to the poll menu. Next, you click on the gear at the bottom. Then, you can make the poll have just one choice selectable, and it would have a separate title that’s not an option.

a added photos if you wanted some @I_Like_Props

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Nice guide!
You can also use popups, (lifecycle → popup) with their call to actions, to activate a deactivate them.

Ok thats rly smart! @SOME_RANDOM_PERSON

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he edited it

I edited it a few minutes ago. The post was originally was just “Nice guide!”

oh whoops, my bad. i didn’t know that!