How to make the game end when all players are eliminated

if you know how can you do it and show a picture and not put a guide please


Don’t think you can do that unless you have a good understanding of blocks… Even then, I don’t think it’s possible.

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People have made guides on this. Search before you ask.
Sorry, I have no idea.

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It is possible using a playercount.
However the coding is pretty difficult.
Please search before posting as I am pretty sure this already exists.

Like VWOOM said


@BountyHunterX is here to help!!!
Give me like 5 minutes to type it up, and you’re good to go…

does this work? How to make the game end at 1 player! 1/10. (No property or block code.)

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You need 6 things:
2 Counters
1 Lifecycle
1 Relay
1 End Game
1 Knockout Manager

Step 1

Set the Lifecycle to Game Start…

Step 2

Set the Relay to All Players, and make it relay on “Player Start”

Step 3

Make one of the counters increment when receiving on “Player Start”
Make it Decrement when receiving on “Player KO”

Step 4

Make the same Counter’s target 1, and when it reaches its target, transmit on “Player Lock”

Step 5

Make the other (Second) counter’s target 2, and make it start at 0.
Make it when the target is reached transmit on “End Game”
Make it increment when receiving on “Player Lock”

Step 6

Set the Knockout manager device to transmit on “Player KO”

Step 7

Set the End Game device to end when receiving on “End Game”

That’s it!!!

This should work, but if it happens that it doesn’t, message me and I’ll see what’s wrong…

P.S. I can’t put the word “di-d” (the - is an e) for some reason. I replaced this with KO.


pretty sure that’s the link I posted


Please come again…

oh yeah oops lol <><><>

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pretty much my guide, but pictures! (don’t worry, I read the replies above)

pictures are very useful! So nice!

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