How to make specific player drop item

I was wondering how to make my profile picture a specific gim? do I need to download and upload a picture for a profile picture or is there an option to pick a gim or something?

Download and upload.

yeah I was just wondering since a lot of people had pfps of gims.

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Yeah. Its pretty common on here

is was doing some testing, a person died and dropped every medallion, even though they only had one

yep. Everyone drops every medallion, even people who have none.

I dropped all medallions and killed somebody who had no medallions and they dropped them all

Did you do the checkers channels properly. Cause that id where the system uh… checks for it

yes, triple checked. Every single knockout manager is deactivated when receiving from the respective channels. Are you sure your system works?
and the other devices as well are the right channels

It should as long as they have unique channels

Can you send some ss of the checkers and ko managers

I took a video, but when I go to upload, it just doesnt show in the files. I moved it to a different location in files and the video just doesnt show there either. Ill start taking screenshots ig.

For some reason this hosting program doesn’t allow videos so everything has to be converted to a gif but it also has a maximize file size of 4mb so you have to condense it a lot. Its really annoying

can only do five at a time

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Looks good so far

Screenshot 2024-01-12 201327
these are just the green medallion devices but you get the point. It is the same system copied over 6 times, I have triple checked that all of the variables correspond to their respective medallion.

I don’t see any errors. Let me double check and then try doing it 6 times on my own.

Don’t go through the effort of multiplying it six times, thats not the problem I don’t think.
try It once.

Oh man i feel stupid. This was an error on both our ends, your system would have worked with wires.

Under all options in the ko manager you have to turn active on start to off. Otherwise it is active by default

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Yep, this completely works fine. Kinda funny that it was the active on game start, because my system with wires should’ve worked before I even created this topic here if I had checked that option.

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