How to make specific player drop item

Wire the property to your checkers (swap it with the lifecycle) it should only have one option from the property (when property value changes)

So I did this, and it has the same problem as the lifecycle device. I have the “when property changes” wire to a checker for the green seed, and then “when check passes” wire to “activate knockout manager”
to deactivate the manager, I use the channels in the checker because you cannot have two of the same wire. in the checker, I have check fails, transmit on “deactivatemanager” and in the manager, I have deactivate when receiving on “deactivatemanager”
when I kill the boss now, I gain the seed. When somebody kills me, I drop it. When somebody kills the second person, they do not drop it, and the seed is lost forever.

Very odd. Give me a second i will try to replicate this.

Let me just elaborate on what I want: Player has medallion
when they die, either it drops or grants it to the killer
This look correct?

I’m not sure what you mean. That is a dark green seed, there is also a green one. not that there is a difference.

Yeah. But this is how you want the system to work correct?

when a player kills whoever has that seed, it drops or they gain it. This should then work for that player and whoever picks it up after that

Yes. That is what the system does i was just trying to clarify if you thought the that looked correct when i displayed it in the gif

oh my bad, I was confused because I did not notice it was a gif. yes, this is how it should work. Did you make sure it only drops if they actually had it?

Yup. Ill send images from the system once it finishes uploading

For each medallion get:

  • One inventory item manager
  • One property
  • One checker
  • One knockout manager

For the IIM (inventory item manager)

For the property

For the checker

For the knockout manager

so this is exactly the same as my system, but done with channels instead of wires. could this theoretically be done for every possible gadget, resource and consumable to that a player would drop everything? I believe, though, that there would be a limit on IIMs

I have replicated this system and it does in fact work. Thank you for your help!

Yes however it would be more difficult because for resources like ammo you would have to compensate for more than one being held

No problem, thats what the forums for! Once were done with this conversation make sure to mark a solution to close the topic

moral of the story: don’t use wires
(I probably did something else wrong too, but it was mostly just wires)

Lol. Yeah kinda. But on the good side you have great instincts; you made the correct system on your own with no help which is a skill that soooo many people lack. You also seem to have a good feel for gimkit mechanics.

yeah I develop games in unity using c# but decided to recreate fortnite in gimkit for fun.

Cool. Personally i do web development but trying to specialize in JavaScript. My skills aren’t that great rn