How to make spawn pad invisible during pre-game

How to make spawn pad invisible during pre-game

Once you start the game, the spawn pad should be invisible. In the creative interface, I don’t think you can do this.

What about in pre-game?

You could just limit the pre- game area

Wait, what do you mean by pre-game?

You could just cover it up with a prop and then deactivate the prop on game start

Pre-game it shouldn’t show unless you set it to. If you mean editing mode, you can’t make it not show.

ok sure

You can bypass the character limit by typing letters (only letters, no spaces) in <> brackets. Make sure to put enough to get to 20 characters.

Isn’t spawn pad always invisible?

Not while editing. Or if you set it to visible in the settings.

Isn’t pre game the lobby


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