How to make Sonic The Hedgehog in Gimkit Creative Platforming

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(Thanks to @WolfTechnology for this picture.)
Listen to Uncle Sam. I like my infinite editing time, but I don’t like infinitely annoying players. (You can edit to fix my bad grammer)

Anyways, this guide will teach you how to recreate Sonic The Hedgehog into a fun speedy video game with a boss. Speaking of speedy @speedy_kd4 I would like your opinon on some of my prop art. Or anyone else who has some opinons.
So if you don’t know what Sonic the Hedgehog is it’s this:

Screenshot 2024-03-21 8.45.26 AM

He’s a fast guy who’s blue and can run the speed of sound. His biggest foe is Dr.Eggman, and he has 2 movies, and another releases this December.
I choose to name my game Sonic The Gimchong because it would be a copyright if I didn’t. Plus it sounds cool.

Sonic enimies section (Exept Dr.Eggman)

I’ve chosen to do 2 enemies for this map, crabmeat and moto bug. One fires one beam of laser and the other 2.
Screenshot 2024-03-20 12.08.31 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-20 12.08.40 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-24 074429

The 2 cartoon looking ones are ones in Gimkit and the other 2 are the real ones.
Here’s what you’ll need for the beetle one (moto bug):

  • 6 barriers
  • 1 wooden pole
  • 2 haybales
  • 1 alien plant
  • 1 laser
  • 1 Laser Manager

Slap this code into the Laser Manager please.

Slap this code onto the Laser
Next I’ll do RGBs:

  • Ailen Plant: R:255, G:136, and B:0.
  • 1 Barrier: R: 255, G:0, and B:0.
  • 2 Barriers: R:0, G:0, and B:0.
  • 2 Barriers: R: 255, G:255, and B:255
  • 1 Barrier: R:0, G:251, and B:255.
  • One Haybale Stack: R:0, G:0, and B:0.
  • Laser: R:0, G:85, and B:255.
  • Wooden Pole: R:0, G:0, and B:0.
    The remaining haybale stays the same color.

Here’s what you’ll need and do with the crab one (Crab Meat)
(The second foe mentioned above):

  • 5 Barriers
  • 2 Lasers
  • 4 Racing Flags Red
  • 3 Red chemicals
  • 4 Metal Poles
  • 1 Laser Manager

Here’s the code for the Laser Manager:

Then the code for the lasers:

Screenshot 2024-03-20 173139

Now we’ll do the RGB colers:

  • 1 Barrier: R: 255, G:0, and B:0.
  • 2 Lasers: R:255, G:0, and B:0.
  • 4 Metal Poles: R:0, G:0, and B:0.
  • 2 Barriers: R:0, G:0. and B:0.
  • 2 Barriers: R:0, G:213, and B:255.

The Red Cemicals and Racing Flags stay the same color.

That’s all for the enimies. If you have any ideas or suggestions ask me to add them, and I’ll do my best.

Sonic's Zone (Where he will run)

So I’ll make this pretty simple. This is what my map looks like:

Tips for Green Hill Zone map:

  • Use grass terrian
  • Make it flat in some areas, but a little steeper in others. That way the player can gain speed then be forced to climb up a wall or under into a cave.
  • Use brown barriers for wall when using dirt.
  • Use rocks as stalagmites and staglatites.
  • Use Ailen Plants as vines
  • Randomly place bushes, flowers, and trees.
How to make a Dr. Eggman boss battle

Since Dr.Eggman is Sonic’s main foe it would only be fitting to include him into a Sonic game.

This part of the guide will include:

  • How to make the entrance
  • How to make Dr. Eggman
  • How to make the battle functional

Battle Entrance

Make the entrance to where Sonic runs into it and it closes. Just do this and it’s done:
Bits and Bobs:

How To Make Dr.Eggman

Scroll above and you’ll see the great Dr.Eggman made with:

  • 6 barriers
  • 8 Corals
  • 1 Plant In Pot
  • 2 Metal Poles
  • 2 Cones

Then this is the coler for them:

  • 1 Barrier: R:59, G:59, and B:59
  • 2 Barriers: R:163, G:0, and B:0
  • 1 Barrier: R: 189, G:177, and B:177
  • 2 Barriers: R:0, G:0, and B:0
  • Plant in Pot: R:255, G:0, and B:0
  • 8 Coral: R:180, G:91, and B:19
  • 2 Metal Poles: R:0, G:0, and B:0
  • 2 Cones: R:0, G:0, ad B:0

How to make the battle work

You will have needed to have done the last 3 parts for this.
So the battle in the normal Sonic game you’d normally run into the arena and beat Dr.Eggman there. The screen won’t be moving like when you’re running, it’ll just stay still. We’ll be doing that so get a camera view, and while we’re at it get these items too:


The Knuckles Guide (Including the chacter selecter) (Update 1.1)
The character selecter:

I won’t go too deep into this, but it’s basically which Boss battle you choose because if you choose Knuckles you have a climbing boss battle, but Sonic is a sentry fight with Eggman. The way you do that is with 2 buttons, the Knuckles one transmits Knuckles character and the sonic one just sends you into the game.

Knucles Boss fight:

How this will work is Knuckles scales (Tell if that’s the wrong scales) a wall, and when he gets to the top he goes right into the Knuckles climb. Because of Knuckles climbing abilties it’s a climbing battle. First here is the finished product to show you the target:
Next I’ll explain the Knuckles fight, or more like climb.

Not that you’ve seen the target all you have to do is aim and fire, and I’ll teach you how:
The Knuckles special wall: So who remembers the big cave from earlier? No one. Oh, well Ok. The cave Sonic would go into before his boss fight, Knuckles has a barrier that allows him to climb it in order to win. It’s a big ole’ red thing that has this in it:

Now that’s just sctratching the surface. You’ll need 6 more barriers, 6 triggers, teleporters, and 1 button. It’s pretty easy to do once you got the first set of everything because all you do to that is change the channel name. So here’s the first set:


Screenshot 2024-03-24 073302
Screenshot 2024-03-24 073358

The way you’d make it to where you’re constantly “climbing” is by increasing the signal climb wall 1 to climb wall 2 and so on. I did it 6 times, but the more the more detailed.

Another thing: The way to end the game is by going to the uppermost platform, making a zone that transmits, end game to an end game device and the game ends. (Avengers endgame)

The 2 minute timer

So if a player is a bit slow then the game is easy to finish, so a 2 minute timer makes them “gotta go fast.” Using what Lolo said in this help topic we can make it. Thanks @Lolo.
How do you make a countdown with overlays - #5 by Lolo

Extra Sonic Ideas (You can edit this part of the wiki)

This is a section where you can add any ideas you’d like to see or make in Sonic. If you put your idea here put your name too:

  • (Captain-Gim) Knuckles: Climb walls by allowing you to constantly click a button that makes you go up on the sides of things.
  • (Captain-Gim) Make a prop animated battle. Make barrier bullets or “teleporting” sentries that a really just turning on and off.
  • (Captain-Gim) Make different acts like in the real thing.
  • (Blizzy) Make “falling rocks” with zones and props.
  • (Blizzy) Make alternating off-and-on lasers
  • (Blizzy) Make random land mines that teleport you back to the start
Rate my thumbnail in the comments because I can't put a poll in hide details

I’d like feedback and ideas. I don’t want anyone to make one please.

Future Captain-Gim plans

This is like the scenes after Marvel movies where you can see 20 second trailers for the next movie or show, so this is my version:

  • Won-Comics: Comcis that help explain unique parts of Gimkit Creative. Currently working on one that explains how to make a good Battle Royale Steampunk style. It’ll teach you how to make a Steampunk theme with fun gameplay.
  • The Book of Tetris 2: Well this was bound to happen…: I obviously can’t make Tetris exactly like it is in Gimkit, so I’ll be changing a few things and rules. Though in a way this is good because it allows for more creativity.
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Well @MOON and @maxmlmm14 For everone who as wondering. Yes this is a game on Discovery. Look at my bio.


@Captain-Gim Can I add some ideas for the thing?

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Ya sure anyone can. That’d be great.

This is amazing, @Captain-Gim! There is going to be an entire platforming game recreation boom in just a few days. And, Sonic was easily forgotten, so glad you’re still keeping him up! :partying_face:

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lol I played your game the other day its pretty short

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I was keeping it simple. May plan to do more.


Nice guide @Captain-Gim!

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speedy_kd4 art essay incoming

woah, this is a great guide! i really like the terrain design and how the map is laid out, it looks really similar to the original!
as for my opinion, the prop art looks great! i really like the moto bug.
on the crabmeat maybe try making the claws stick out farther? you could also give it a yellow underbelly like the original.
also, this is just something i do, but i would recommend making the barriers no outline, it just provides a cleaner look. same thing goes for doctor eggman.
the thumbnail looks nice, but maybe add more details to the sonic gim. give him is red shoes and his yellow fur on his jaw.
other than that, this all looks great! nice job!

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This is really good! Never would have thought of this.

ngl this is probably easier said than done💀

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This may be too difficult to do but you could add a randomizer so it generates different maps, that way its more like sonic, since I don’t think you can make a map selecting thing for the map you want

In simpler terms cuz I have bad Grammar:
Make randomizer so it picks random map (if you want)
Make map selector so people can choose the map they want to play on (If you want)

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@Captain-Gim look like i’m competing with you because i’m doing mario

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That’s not good, but we’re already allies, so we’re fine. Funny though. I’m more of a Nintendo fan, but ok.

Let’s not start that “which console is better” talk guys. (Yes I caused this to happen at school) (Nintendo)

It would help if you let my friend help you, he Litteraly breaths Sonic he knows everything about it

also you didn’t use pseudo hp

nintendo is better In my opinion

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I’m also a nintendo fan

also do you think your gonna add more?

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Ok who is that? I’d be glad to know.

I didn’t, any ideas though to use it with?

Yes, for sure, 100%. Knuckles for example.

Let’s remain on topic, please…

PLAYSTATION FOUR. Lol, no arguing

nevermind I just realized that the enemy shoot laser I thought it was something like gomba.

time to work on mario

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