How to make Sonic The Hedgehog in Gimkit Creative Platforming

You could use zones for goombas’ back and fronts to decrease half health. Then one top you could place a zone that makes them dissapear.

Favorite Video game system here (anyone can do it to reduce the clutter I already see)

(Captain-Gim) 3DS

What are all the enimies you’re doing?

I’m using trigger because of better hitboxes

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can my friend help you guys he know everything about sonic

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Yes please, bring him here.

guys you’ve been told already to stay on topic now pls do as @California_Love said we don’t like repeating ourselves

A little off-topic is fine. We’ve stopped now anyways. I want it to be known that I don’t want people to be saying, “get on topic,” and all that stuff on my topics. So please don’t ever do that again.

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@Captain-Gim really good guide also check WON Canva.

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well u do gotta listen to the rules…

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Not going to lie, making the Gim to me 3 hours, but its all for the meme. @Captain-Gim here a better image for your giude.

pixil-frame-0 (1)


True I’m just saying I tred to prevent that already with California_Love, but it’s fine. I’m just letting you know.

Thanks. Did you make that specifically for this guide? That’s really good as well.

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ok don’t gotta tell me twice

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Yes, and for a possible gim to be added for memorial day and vertains day.

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Sorry, if I sounded mean. I’ll stop talking.

That’s cool WolfTechnology.

no hard feelings from my side

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Awesome guide! :+1: One thing though… I looked on discovery to try to play this and couldn’t find it… (I think it searches using description so maybe and Sonic The Hedgehog in the description.)
I really wanna play!!! :smiley:

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ouch! i was going so fast i accidentally bumped into this guide! ill be more careful next time.