How to make someone invincible to gadgets and knockouts?

I’m trying to make tf2 in gimkit, and with spy, there is no invisibility yet. how to make someone invincible to knockouts and gadgets for like 5 seconds

um i think you could increase the spawn protection time. it does both of the things you want.

overlay pressed → trigger trigger.
overlay pressed, broadcast on channel “hidden”.
hide overlay on channel “hidden”.
create a trigger loop.
2nd trigger triggered → grant health. health granter (health, then shield; grants maximum)
overlay pressed → repeat wire pulse from wire repeater (5 second delay).
wire pulse repeated → deactivate 1st trigger in trigger loop.
wire pulse repeated → show overlay.

yes I was super sloppy and lazy but I have no sleep

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Everyone’s Overthinking This. Give A Ton Of Health, Then Just Give Them INFINITE REGEN. This Gives The Appearence That Unless They Can Be One-Shot, They Can’t be Hit. The Just Name-Linked System Them To Their Invulnerability. No Way To Do This For Real Though.

isn’t that what I said? I just turned it into an ability overlay…