How to make so that when the murderer dies, the game ends?

I haven’t figured this part out, and I would appreciate some help.

If the guy is on there own team.

Do you know how to do this? if not:

I am trying to make it so that only when the murderer dies, the game ends. Not when if the sheriff or an innocent dies, the game ends, but thanks for the link.

Use this. But change the relay to a specific team only. aka the murd

The guide didn’t work, but thanks for the link though.

Make an item that’s linked to a inventory item manager linked to a number property. Make the item exclusive to the murderer. If the property changes, that means the murderer must have died. By the way, make it global, the property too. Then make it end game. Try that!

Screenshot of the map: I don’t know what to fix

Was that for the when murderer dies game ends??

Yes, it is coded like that, but I don’t know what is wrong.

If you delete all of it, will it mess up your map?

No, I believe it will not.

Ok. Delete all of it.

On game start, grant the murderer something. Let’s do gold key card. Place a inventory item manager down, and put it for gold key card. Make it so it’s linked to a property.

Next, place down a property. Change it’s type to number, and make it global. Make it so that if the property changes, it triggers a relay that relays it to the murderers team. Then, make the relay trigger a checker. Make the checker check that if the property for the gold key card is = to 0, then end game.

Try that. Hopefully it works.

Is it like this?
Screenshot 2024-03-28 6.36.20 PM

I’m not sure exactly, but you’ll definitely need lifecycles.

Try it out in game. But I think so.

Okay, I’ve got it worked. Thanks for the help!

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