How to make so a player drops the items they have when they die?

Battle royale game I’m making.

when they die?

I think its in settings, you can change it.

Oh, I think… I’ll see.

I don’t think I’ll have enough memory to do that for everything…

how much memory are you at so far?

14, but I have barely started, so I may add it at the end.

oh, ok. also make sure to read to the end of the comments on that guide if you decide to use it because there seems to have been some edits

Guess i can’t do it. :person_shrugging:

why don’t you add it and then if you run out of memory, you can patch it then? please don’t give up on your game because of one thing that seems hard to fix. I’ve seen it too many times on this forum.

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Extra text

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You don’t need to write extra text if you are already using the asterisk trick. Alternatively, you can enclose letters in these brackets <> to hide them.

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it had the unclear point or whatever message

Does it work for you, PearGamez?

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