How to make slippery ice! [1/10 or 🟩]

This is a guid that gives the illusion of sliding on ice.

First, add Frozen Lake as terrain.

Next, add a zone, and size it to your ice:

In the zone settings, add these channels:

Then, place down speed modifier x2:

In the first one, give it these settings:

Finally, for the second one, give it these settings:

And there you go! Slippery ice!

Thanks for reading!

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Nice guide! The only thing that I don’t like is round edged terrain on a square zone.
My one pet peeve.


How can the speed be set that precise on the speed modifier?


Dont know, it just did that. I guess my keyboard glitched or smthn

This is what it is

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this is great for my ice skating rink! simple but great!

sweat guild @Bluebay

Great guide, really creative!

This is very Nice. It’s pretty cool :ice_cube:

u can solve that by making lake one tile bigger than the lake. Take a terrain thew same color as the backgorund, and set it one level higher, and cover the outmost border of the lake.

This definitely is not 2/10.

11/10 though is crazy! Sorry for being off-topic.

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What should I rate it?

1/10. It’s pretty simple/easy.


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