Transparency "7" glitch

so I was minding my business, trying to make a cool effect for a sword and every time I typed in “7” in the transparency section of a prop it instantly changes it to “0.7000000000000001” no joke, I think that might happen to you to, you should try it, have any explanations?


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No, it always does it. There is no explanation, and it just happens…
Whenever I try that it does, too…

Nice PFP @Aubec7!


weird huh? thanks for clearing that up for me!


I know that this is off-topic but @Aubec7 I like your new profile picture.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it has to do with how computers store decimals. Decimals in computer/coding talk are called floating point numbers because of how the decimal point can float to the position it needs to be. Floating point numbers aren’t reliable and sometimes display slightly inaccurate information. For the 7 → 0.7, I think that Gimkit is automatically converting your number to a decimal because an opaqueness of more than 1 can’t exist. Hope this helps!


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