How to make searchable grass like in pokemon!


Hey, @Kormorant here!

I see you’ve decided to set your eyes upon this guide. I promise you this time that this is a unique guide. No copying, no my version of something, an actually unique guide. Thanks to @meepeygamer567 for giving me a start on this guide!

meepeygamer567's help

What You’ll Need

x6 Zone (for each grass size)
x4 grass terrain (for each grass area)
x1 Textbox (for blocks)

Step 1

Change the background to dirt. Place down the grass terrain in groups of 4 like this:
Easy so far.

Step 2

Next, get a zone. Place it down and make it about this big:

Go into the zone’s settings and make it transmit on the channel “playerEntered”. Make no other changes to the zone and keep it as it is otherwise.

Step 3

Copy the zone and place it in each of the 2x2 (or x4) grass terrain spots you made before. It should now look like this:

Step 4

Get a textbox. Go to blocks, and type this in after clicking “when receiving on channel”:

Step 5 (BLOCKS!)

Now, click OK, and make a variable and name it randomizer.
Make the block look like this:

Now, when you enter a zone, it will randomly decide between 1-3 if you found a pokemon, and if it gets two, then you found one!


That’s it for this guide! Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you have any suggestions/feedback, reply below!

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@Legobuilder for his randomizer guide (which helped me a bit)
@meepeygamer567 for his help on that help topic

Until next time,


Nice guide, @Kormorant !


Still more pokemon guides to come…

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instead of zones, you could use triggers
memory efficient and such


Kind of obvious, nice guide for new gims though!

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Nice guide! I have several questions/comments though.

  1. Wouldn’t it be more memory efficient, at the end of the day, to use a coordinate device and just test to see where the coordinates of a grass zone is? And then you randomize it? Because if people, like actual pokemon, use up much bigger spaces then 2x2, 4x4, 2x3, etc. then the zones would cost more memory than the actual coordinate device. Also, there will be a lot more grass areas than just one.

  2. What is the point of the tetxbox? Like where is it? Where does the “pokemonFound” channel get received? It seems like the textbox is more of just a filler for blocks. To put actual use to devices, I would use a notification so that the player can be notified that they are about to start a pokemon battle and the randomizer blocks can still be applied.

  3. You should add these things (if it’s really a pokemon guide lol):

  • Notification Add-on: the notification tells you which pokemon you are going up against. The pokemon must be randomized.
  • A city/biome detector: to limit the pokemon being randomized in the area depnding on where the player is.
  • (Optional since this is a guide): The start of pokemon battles and making sure the right pokemon opponent is being chosen.

That’s all for my criticism and such. Again, nice guide though!


Alright, I’ll see about it! and I was planning on just having different randomizers for each biome/area, and pokemon battles are already in another guide (turn based combat)!


Is it just me, or are the polls broken?

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What do you mean?

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It just says NaN% for the percentages.

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Weird. It doesn’t say that on mine.

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oh wow! I never played pokemon (parental restrictions they’re the best right? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) but this looks really cool! great Job Kormorant keep up the good work!

(I am not even allowed to play gimkit unless I am getting all As and currently I am carrying a B, so technically I shouldn’t even be here rofl)


You’re restricted from pokemon?! wow. :sob:


Great Guide! This wasn’t excatly the thing I had in mind, but it’s a really cool take on my idea!


Two words: Use. Triggers.

Other than that, this guide’s good.

Yeah, I’ll fix that soon.

@Kormorant Is it possible to make it so you can hide in grass like in Brawl Stars or something?

How to create bushes be transparent when you go near them :yellow_square:
already been made :D