How to create bushes be transparent when you go near them 🟨

Welcome to my 2nd guide! :partying_face:
This time, I completed it before I posted! [1]

Why did I create this?

I created this because, well, for one, there hasn’t been a guide on it yet. Two, I thought it would make a good guide for people that wanted to create a system where there are individual bushes that appear and reappear when you go near them. Kinda like Brawl Stars.

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How does it work?

This is done with the coordinate device. It gets your current position and finds the blocks below, above, to the side, and in the corners of you. Then, it transmits on channels to disappear and reappear the bushes. It works anywhere on the map!


  1. Copy-paste warning! Make sure you have ctrl + C, and ctrl + V handy! [2]

  2. Length Warning! [3]

Other things to note…

  • This can possibly take up to 10% memory depending on how many bushes you need.

  • The code is pretty simple, not much to it.

  • The most annoying part will be copy-pasting the barriers and correctly channeling them/naming them. [4]

  • Any channels or properties can be renamed to whatever you want.

  • If you are a picture person, this guide will be easy to understand! If you are a text/reader person, this guide will also be easy to understand!

  • If I do not screenshot or say something about a certain setting, that means to leave it on default.

  • Any LAG you may encounter is nothing that I can fix. The game is just loading too many barriers at once.

When you are done, the devices will look like this...



Step :one:

First, place a coordinate device with the following settings…

Player Pos Changes >>> Transmit on "Coor-Change"

Update Property >>> "On"

X Pos Property >>> "X-Pos"

Y Pos Property >>> "Y-Pos"

Step :two:

Place two properties. The following settings should be in each one…

Name of Properties >>> "X-Pos" and "Y-Pos"

Property Type >>> "Number"

Default Value >>> 0

Property Scope >>> "Player"



Step :three:

Place a relay with the following settings… [5]

Relay Audience >>> "All Players"

Relay channel >>> "Coor-Overlay"

Relay when receiving on >>> "Coor-Change"


Step :four:

Place an overlay with the following settings… [6]

Overlay Type >>> "Text"

Overlay Position >>> Your preference, I put it on "Bottom_Left"

Visible on Game Start >>> "Yes"

Content Scope >>> "Player"



Some Code…

Here is a screenshot if the code you need to put on here…


It should look like this: [7]

Step :five:

Place a trigger down. The only thing you need to change is this:

Trigger when receiving on >>> "Coor-Change"


Put this in the blocks: [8]

Step :six:

In the editing options, the show grid should be “On”

Make a barrier as small as one of the squares. Apply these settings to it.

Note: The random numbers is the coordinate of the barrier. Make sure to put it together with no spaces.

Now, do that a bunch of times and you get this!

It should work now if you walk into it.

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  1. If you want to create this on a MUCH SMALLER scale, use zones to detect when you go in and out of an area. ↩︎

  2. Use Command + C, and Command + V if you are on a mac. Also, for props and devices, you use C to copy. The ctrl and Command part of it is for the code. ↩︎

  3. No dropdowns, or “Hidden details to hide the steps.” ↩︎

  4. Naming them is optional. ↩︎

  5. The relay is used to make sure that everyone’s overlay gets updated. ↩︎

  6. The overlay is used to make sure where to put the barriers later on, and what to name the channel. It is EXTREAMLY important. ↩︎

  7. If you want to know how I included spaces, include them in your code. ↩︎

  8. The channel it should broadcast on is basically the X and Y put together. (e.g. 175620) ↩︎


this is nice and all, but what about zones?

zone (player enters zone) → bush (hide prop)
but with a player scope


This saves memory and space because it doesn’t have all the zones and channels.

Btw can someone create a difficulty poll? I gtg.

ok…? wait, block code is 500 memory apiece but oh well

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this is only worth it when there are lots of props
otherwise just use zones or triggers as a player coordinates device is 3,500 memory

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That was said in the guide Foxy…
Anyways, another nice but overly complicated guide lol. Great job slim!!! So you just ended up using the og idea right?


I might be able to go back on laptop tomorrow and help with abilities!


I’m just going to pretend I read all this… “Nice guide, Slim! You might want to add dropdowns…”


but I think most maps already have the player coordinate device, so I think it might count as resourceful? idk…

anyways good job SlimArtist!
(can I call you that? or should I say SlimArtist20375)


only platforming maps really
and usually you call someone without the numbers or by a nickname unless your pinging them


It says in their bio to call them slim.


huh, I use them for all my maps… but alright, also thx for the name tip.

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This is nice slim! We need more complicated guides like these ones…

awwww no guild?

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I had to go so I couldn’t explain it very well. What I meant was if you used zones, it would be a mess. The reason why I didn’t do zones on my map is because it would be a NIGHTMARE to create. All those wires would be a mess.

Thats why I created this guild, if you don’t want to deal with that mess, do this instead. It works well, but any lag you may encounter isn’t anything you can fix.

:tired_face: I just woke up and I already made a spelling mistake. @Kosm0-o +1 please.


Yes, please call me Slim or Slimartist. I am trying to get the mods to change my name to get rid of the numbers. Idk why I put it there in the first place.

well there aren’t so many users here and I guess people have numbers on other sites because the original name is already taken

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I put it here instead :laughing:

I didn’t mean to type it this time.

@Kosm0-o Bring my “guild” count to 11.


I did just now. Not for each step, but it doesn’t seem so long now that I added :one:.

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Loved it, but I am not good a coding and using the blocks. I may try it when I’m older. Thanks for the time!


Great guide with a lot of explanations and pictures! When I read the title I immediately thought of brawl stars :laughing:


Thats what I was going for lol