How to make randomized solutions

So currently, i am making a chaotic problem solving game and i need random solutions for the puzzle, i have 4 digits and depending on the digits, players need to cut either the pink, green, blue, red, or yellow wire. (it was inspired by keep talking and nobody explodes)

like if the first digit is 5, you cut the green
and if the next digit is 4, you cut red
and if the next digit is 1, you cut blue
and next is 2 you cut pink

How to make a easy randomizer Try this

Yeah and if you need more help I can tell you a way that randomizes in a way that more fits your needs…

yeah, im having trouble

ok specify exactly what part of randomizers is creating trouble for you?

wait nevermind i think i got it

Ok, are you sure I was just making a screenshot of block code to help?

i need to randomize 4 properties and i can’t use block code in them, how do i do that?

Why cant i give you screenshot with block code?

no i mean i cant use block code in the properties
(i need to randomize these

Well then I could do it but it would not be time efficient or as good as if @Shdwy did it…he made a guide on save code with randomized digits…maybe he could tell you how to do the randomized digits in this way better than me if you asked him

i think i may have a solution

Please don’t ping me to help with problems like these in the future.

But, Nasou, you need block code for randomization.

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i’m sorry I wont…

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