How to make quick sand (but spider webs)

how to make particular space slow you down and hurt you

Use this with the character u+2800 instead of the cobweb and put sand underneath it, thn make it hurt you in some way

How to input the character:

  1. Ctrl+Shift+U
  2. 2800
  3. enter

i have no idea wathu mean

You want to use an invisible character under sand and make a zone that slows you down and hurts you

This could work

what character? what do u mean

For the hurting, you could use flickering lasers, and for the slowing down, you can use a zone and speed modifier! And you can copy this emoji and place it in a text device! :spider_web:

Zone and a speed modifier to slow you down. For the hurting you could use a health granter connected to a repeater

You sadly can’t take away health with the health Granter device…. :coral: :coral: :coral:

I am refrerring to , or Ctrl+Shift+U then 2800 then enter

Here is a guide for how to make spider webs, but what do you mean quick sand?

but the thinmg is i want them to buy the zone:

like there speed will get slower and they will loose health

Look at my post! But make the zone activate after they buy the item with a wire, same for the lasers!

use zones and player speed.

wdym flickering lasers?

on and off?

When purchased, activate team scoped sticky zones with a relay for a specific team, and team scoped lasers with the same relay.

but i don’t want them to see the lasers thats why I don’t want to use them

Set laser color to black and they cannot be seen,
Also remove start and end points.

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