How to make props respawn

I’m making a game where I need a prop to regenerate an infinite amount of times. Does anyone know how to do this?

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You have a time counter and after your desired amount of time wire it to the prop to make the prop visible. The time counter goes like this. Lifecycle → Repeater set the stopping time to receiving on channel and the time to run task 1.0. → Counter so that every time the repeater runs the task it increments the counter then make a target for the counter (the number you put is how much seconds.) Then target reached → Make prop visible. Also welcome to the forum, @Slime!

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I do not think that’d work for destroying props though. I could do some math to get how long

what is this for? i cant think of an answer but i might be able to think of a different system

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that doesn’t work. If a prop is destoryed, it doesn’t work

i want to have like a sentry destroy a prop. i might be able to substitute the prop for a sentry but i don’t think sentries can interact with zones anymore

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uhm I’m not dumb… I can read the things around the screen. but seeing as you have to post this I’m going to assume this is a problem

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??? what are you talking 'bout? this?


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im just talking about all the other stuff. be we are getting off topic

Yeah. Now back to props. Did you find a way? Wait, how do you know about off-topic? Is @Slime an alt? Have you been on the forum for a long time but didn’t make an account til’ just now like me? (I made my account last month I think)

you could say i’ve been reading. But no, I haven’t. I’ll see if sentries can still interact with zones. I’ve used this forum to help me for probably 2 and a half months

Ok. Just comfirm, sentries no long can interact with zones, so do you want the prop to automatically respawn or do you want it to respawn when someone presses a button?

yep doesn’t work. barriers wont work because i need it to be shot