How to make props respawn

You can use psuedo health. Do want me to make a quick guide on it?

There is already a guide on it.

automatically respawn. i could use block code to estimate how long in tenths of seconds by calculating the dps of each weapon. so if like its a gray zapper it could hide after 3 seconds.

I dont think that would work. i don’t think you can detect bullets @Haiasi (i ran out of replies)

No. I’ll make a short guide for you. I’m on it.

Haiasi: Yeah, I wasn’t saying it could work, just saying there was already a guide on it.

You can edit this wiki to reply if you want @Slime

@clef , I’ll see if that works, but I’m pretty sure now when props are destroyed they are permanently hidden. I can say this because when you tell the prop to be hidden or to show it will still broadcast on channels because of that.

@Magenta_Dragon i actually haven’t tried yet

@clef it didn’t work

@clef yeah i don’t think

Wait, psuedo-health won’t work, but I just thought of a method to use zones!

Make a zone to cover the entire map, and set active on game start to no and when player enters zone, transmit on to respawn prop. go back to your prop and set when prop is destroyed, transmit on to prop broken. After that, place down a trigger and set trigger when receiving on to prop broken and set delay to the amount of time in seconds you want it to wait before respawning in seconds. Also set visible in-game to no and trigger by player collision to no and when trigger, transmit on to respawn prop. Go back in the zone and set activate when receiving on to respawn prop. Place down one more trigger and set the settings to the other trigger, but increase the delay by 0.1 seconds and set when triggered, transmit on to deactivate zone. After that, go back into the zone and set deactivate zone when receiving on to deactivate zone. After that, go into the prop and set show prop when receiving on to respawn prop. There! You’re done!
So when the prop is destroyed, It waits a certain amount of time before activating a zone. Since the zone covers the entire map, there will be players in it so I will message the prop to respawn! Swiftly, the zone is deactivated so the next time the prop is destroyed, it won’t inta-respawn! Also, I didn’t playtest this, so tell me if it works.

Sorry if I am unclear. I spedrun this. Also @Haiasi, is this smart?

:crossed_fingers: please say this is smart.

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That looks good. @Slime if that worked mark a soultion to prevent off-topic and clutter!

So there is no way you can respawn a prop now? Even with a button or game overlay? :sob: :disappointed_relieved: :cold_sweat: :cry:

This would be a very tiresome process, don’t know if someone has already posted this, but you should make a bunch of those same props not active on game start, and when one is knocked out, another one activates. Like I said, it is a very, and I mean, VERY tiresome process. And welcome to the forums @Slime !

Welcome to the forums @Slime. remember to mark a solution if your question is answered. :white_check_mark:

Wait… Does using wiring the zone to the prop instead of using chanels work? Ima try it later.

As far as I know, props can’t respawn after being destroyed. Your best bet is just a very large stack of props.

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Welcome to the forums, @Slime!


I was gonna say the exact same thing. So, @Jobozo1875 said it for my. :+1:

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