How to make Pixel Art | Difficulty 0/10

This is my first community guide so I hope it helps. In this guide I will explain how to make pixel art. I hadn’t realize this when I created this guide, but @BlueBear also made a guide similar to this.

  1. Click on the settings button and click on Editing Options. Turn Show Grid to On and Grid Snap to 32.
  2. Set down a barrier device with a rectangle shape. Turn off border. Click “change size” and make it the smallest size possible so that it is a tiny square. It should be the exact same size as one of the squares on the grid.
  3. Copy the barrier as many times as you wish until you have the shape you desire.
  4. Change the colors of barriers in the settings when you click on them and change the RGB.
    Here is a guide of a sword I used for pixel art: Sword pixel art spielartikel, spielpixel sword. | Premium-Vektor

And you’re done! It’s that easy. You can either make just art for fun or you can use it as the backdrop for a mode. You can draw just about anything with barriers.
Good luck!


Nice guide. This will help beginner people make pixel art on Gimkit Creative.


Nice guide! But please tag @BlueBear in your post because they already made a guide just like this.

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Here’s their guide:

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The title just looks similar. The content is entirely different.

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Yeah, true, but it may be good to link this guide to the post.


Use pixel art
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