How to make people need a code to get somwere

Help I need to know (i would say more but my keyboards not working correctly)

you can optimize this with more properties and block code


Can you explain in a less technical way im new here

read the guide, and if you have any questions about it ask me

starter block code + properties guides for understanding:
Journey of block code: Section 1, Chapter 1: block code
Essence of Block Code: Mathematics and Basics of the Essentials
Essence of Block Code: An Introduction to the Interface
The Power of Properties


I think he means a different kind of code, but kudos for pulling out this many guides!


This may help. Make sure to make the kit public though.
Unfortunately it also has some problems with discovery though.

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oh yeah ik. I was thinking about 4 digit codes with blocks…
anyways, now i realize checkers work lol

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