How to Make One Way Out Doors

I was wondering for my game which is like many minigames I want to know how to make the doors used in “One Way Out”


Use these guides:

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Did it work?
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It Worked! but then how do I display how much more money it needs to open it. Thanks so much btw ive been trying for an hour

Here’s a hint, look in the all options tab of a vending machine setting menu

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I think its the stock scope and if it is its not working for me but its fine I’m just glad the door work what you all for your help and your welcomeness! :]

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Thats not it, that’s how the stock of the item is affecting players. This is the one you’re looking for…

It doesn’t really just turn on the thing you’re asking about, rather it makes it function like the OWO barriers, which causes it to display the cash.

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If I turn this it off causes the door to have to be opened with one purchase instead of the “One Way Out” doors.

You’d have to wire it like this:

Item Purchased > Deactivate Barrier

If you do
Attempt to purchase fails > Deactivate Barrier
It’ll open with one purchase.

It was wired like that but it doesn’t work with funding off I have to turn funding on for it to work

Ok! Nevermind! I messed around with some stuff and ended up turning the stock off which instead of the stock displaying it displayed how many more items I needed! Thanks A lot guys, Im really happy with how it turned out! :]

Welcome to the forum, @mub!

Welcome to the forum, @mub! Since it works, please mark the best solution!

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Welcome to the forum, @mub !!

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