How to Make moving cars in gimkit (explained)

Before I begin this tutorial, photos will not be available. I will also request feedback so I can give better posts later. My other version of how to make moving cars in devices was my first topic so ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it.

So making cars or boats etc. will be very hard if you are new to Gimkit creative. Place down a button anywhere you would like. Place down a teleporter that has the wires connected as “button pressed; teleport player here.” Place any prop of your choice that you want to make as a car or something. I would recommend a rover or a boat depending on your situation. Next, place a trigger anywhere you like. Connect the teleporter and trigger as “player teleported here; trigger.” You will now click on the trigger and modify its properties. Change the trigger from visible to invisible and make the delay how long you want. I recommend 0.5 so players can’t escape the car. Also make sure you don’t put the delay too long so players won’t be able to wonder around the map. You will place down another teleporter. Connect the trigger from “Triggered; teleport player here.” Put a prop of any choice over the teleporter. Connect the same trigger to the prop and connect it like this" Triggered; show prop" Now connect the button you clicked to enter the car to the second rover as “Button clicked; hide prop” or you could modify the car settings and click on the availability tab and change it too from not available to the start of the game.

Now you keep repeating these steps until the end.
Now place a teleporter next to the button and put down another trigger. Connect the teleporter to the trigger as “Player teleported here; trigger” Make the trigger delay 0.5 (recommended) and make it not visible. Connect the trigger to the teleporter as “Triggered; teleport player here”

So this is the end, I hope it worked for you.

P.S. also request feedback and problems about this topic.

Thanks, have a great day!

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