What is a good idea for a car?

Since there is no car in the props section, what props should I put together to make it look like a car?

You can use the car emoji in a text box.

here are some helpfull guides

Do you need help???
if you do just go to a tutorial on the art tag.

If these guides don’t help you. Me or someone else can format a car build for you. Let us know.

Wait, how do you put a emoji?

are you on a computer or laptop?
if so shift search button…otherwise i dont know…or right click then click emoji

copy and paste it in a text object / string in a block.

I need to know how to do it on a laptop.

right click and a little box of different options to click on should appear…one should say emojis…click on it.

find the emoji you want to use online.

This way you can use way more emoji’s than the default options.

No dont say that please…it probably wont work…we need to tell them how to do it normally in advance…its better to have it do normally.

What do you mean by “it probably won’t work”? It works fine.

it doesnt work for me but whatever…

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