How to Make Magictopia GimWorld

Hello! Here I’m going to show you how to make Magictiopia GimWorld! I’m going to take it step by step, so no need to worry! Alright, here we go! (I’m a new user, so it probably won’t be too clear.)

Step 1:
First, open a fresh map in Gimkit Creative. I already have things on this original one I made, but never mind. Now, create a Lobby that is covered by grass and has grass walls. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Get four brown tables from Props and put them side by side. Now, go back to props and get one full corn stalk and put it on the first table in the line of tables you put down. Tip: You might have to go to layers right by the eraser on the top-left hand side and click on layers in order to change where the corn stalk will be on the map. Next, get a pumpkin (any will do) and place it on the first table as well. Then get a text box from devices for all four tables and put instructions for the whole idea of the game. Now, all of the props I listed above are optional, and you can do whatever you want!

Step 2:
Okay, now that you have a Lobby, now it’s time for the real game! I would put pictures, but I can’t right now… so I will explain! For this part of the game, you will want forest-related things everywhere:

  • Leaves
  • Trees
  • Plant Barriers
  • Green Plant Sentries
  • And more!

And make sure there is a place to spawn, somewhere in the middle of the map.

Credits to @mysz for the farming idea below:

Step 3:
Sorry everyone! I forgot to mention that there are many levels, and the first one I did was Magictopia Forestway. Now I’m going to add the other stages (you can do whatever kinds of stages you want!) Examples: Winter, desert, space etc. Make sure to put the same kind of terrains and props that match whatever stage you’re creating (Like if you are doing space, you can put a space terrain and space trash and space rovers.)

Step 4
Alright, we are doing good! Now, we need to create a Village. Here, there is a hospital to heal players if they have the required source. Make sure you have a grass floor and dirt wall covering a small space for the hospital. Then, pick a white lab floor from terrains and make some 2 by 3 looking beds. No need to do pillows, as there are none. Then put down a button on the beds and make sure it is not seen in the game. I’m still trying to figure this part out, so this is all I got.
Screenshot 2023-09-06 9.05.54 AM
Tip: Make sure that when you put down walls, make sure they ARE walls. On time, I accidentally put floors instead of walls. That took a lot of explaining…

Step 5
All right! Finally, the last step! Now, it’s time for decoration! Decorate however you like! Credits to @Lolo for this idea to use emojis in text boxes to put marine animals in the ocean etc. and to change the transparency. Here is the link I found:

Additionally, credits to @mysz for the idea of a merchant system.
Thank you all for these amazing ideas!
And that’s that! Please tell me if you have any questions!


wow, nice guide! Welcome to the community!
edit: just re - read this, it’s really unclear, can your provide steps on how to do it for newer users?

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Okay, thank you for helping me! I can’t add more than one link or picture since i’m new, but I will try!


Welcome to the forum! You can’t add more than one picture? That’s interesting.

Cool guide and welcome! Just curious, how would you suggest to make a hospital?

you can copy and paste in more than one picture

I was thinking maybe a small space with a grass floor and dirt walls and somehow be able to tell a player that if they want to restore health or shield, they need a med kit or a shield can to restore. And a sign so players know it’s a hospital.

Good news! I am able to add more pictures!

Good! Nice guide, btw. This guide could be very in-depth, and could be very good. I suggest tweaking it to make it easier to understand (for new users).

Nice guide! Don’t forget difficulty!

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