How to make lasers

I need the lasers in my game to fluxuate so the players can go through the lasers.


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go to devices and get the laser manager see if that helps :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What do I do with that?

Because I already have that set up

click on here on @ClicClac post

Well, activate the two repeaters at the same time!

His first post not the one above me but that one helps to

make sure to mark a sulution :slight_smile:

Idk if its an idea or not, but you could add a med pack after the laser to restore health

Hmmm…That’s a though, but then it defeats the purpose of the lasers, you’re supposed to try to get past the lasers and into a barrier maze.

Use checkers so that the players can unlock.

Use the laser device and a two repeaters. Make the laser activate when one of the repeaters repeaters its task. Make one repeter activate the laser and one deactivate it.

That’s literally what the linked post does.

use @ClicClac 's post:

That’s what I did and it still doesn’t work, any suggestions?

So, the repeaters have the same timer, are staggered, and the laser doesn’t activate and deactivate?

what does staggered mean?

and yes, I did everything else

It’s still not working