How to make Kirby (,,,⬮_⬮,,,) (0/10 or 🟦 )


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thank you!

wow this is gonna be harder to do bc of the abnormal shapes and borders
i mean like kirby is basically a pink ball with four ovals attached

You’re welcome.

Hey anybody know a good skin color(I mean like Mario’s skin color) hex code thingy
@BendyTheInkDemon? do you know one?

Hey who doesn’t have Splitzy?

Guys this is basically turning into a chat. Please stop. Also, @BendyTheInkDemon, the emoticons gotta stop. They’re all off-topic.


kirbo like the emoticons.

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The correct term for Kirby hands is nubly.

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Nubly Nubly Nubly Nubly.

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Eww, don’t say it like that. LOL! :wink:

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Cute. It’s so easy to make. Heck it’s so easy to draw on paper.

I bump this because of how wrong you are @AlvinFun

Help me! Kirby Bumped into my door!

Poyo! POYO! Star Allies, GO!

POYO!!! (and good guide too!)

@VWOOM I just read your bio, and i understand where you are coming from, but your approach is rude and could offend some people. I recommend changing it before someone reports you.


Yeah, some people just don’t have the time, their grades are dropping and/or just aren’t interested in the forums anymore. Going on the forums or not is a personal choice.

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Good guide.
I can make a guide sometime…


I agree, and not everyone understands that.