How to make Juggernog

This guide will show how to make the perk prop Juggernog (P.S. I am aware that there is another guide about this topic, but this guide is about how to make a more accurate Juggernog machine P.P.S. No offense to the original poster) Without any delay let us begin

Step 1. You will need 3 3D printers, tint them red, and stack them like this

Step 2. You need a white barrier, no border, and put it like this on the 3D printers

Step 3.
you need a gray and white barrier and put them like this

Step 4.
Finally the final bit of the building process of the machine before the decals, you need one red barrier and put it like this

Step 5.
Time for the decals, you will need a lot of text boxes and a few concrete barriers for coin holes

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND your done, now you can enjoy your (After a few hours being plugged in) Ice-cold Juggernog soda


what’s juggernog?

In cod zombies, you are usually 2 tap from being downed or dead, but with juggernog it (or which I think it does) doubles your health or increases it by 200%

So it’s basically a defense or health buff? You could implement this into a few survival games and it would fit in almost perfectly!
(gimkit survival games that is)

Wow, this looks very good, I wish i would have thought of something similiar!

BUMP (Man, it’s been a while since I have made one, maybe I should make another)

i played cod juggernaut is when u shoot the zombies your killing it heals u in the mean time (its like life steal)

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