How To Make Job Simulator In Gimkit!

is this based on your guide??? :wink:

What is more simple than fitting boxes for dead people, overseeing those dead people’s funeral, and watching over the graves of dead people 6ft under in a box?

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Video game testing.

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still a bit dark for kids, and @Caternaught what guide?( i make a lot of them so idk).

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Oh. Ice cream tester.

Wait- not a guide

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oh yeah that is for acual gimkit youtubers to have a good area to talk to the audience in, not just some boring map, but a youtube film room.

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Seems like a nice wiki, could be used for NPC’s, but…

get pictures are powerful’d


Still, I would be a funeral director, and it is a totally normal line of work. Please do not look up what they do for a living, or do, what do I care?

Yeah i know i will add pictures later. Im rrally just working on writing right now

Im trying to base it off the actual game

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Just BUMPED into this job simulator game! U want me to become a GARBAGE MAN??? HEYYY ima girl… :sob: >:(