How To Make Job Simulator In Gimkit!

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DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended for solo play, not multiplayer.
Hello there, fellow gimkitters! It’s me, your fav gimkit mermaid! Today, I will be showing you how to make Job Simulator! If you didn’t know, Job Sim. is a VR game set in the year 2050. Robots have taken over, and have created “accurate” simulations of 4 jobs. Here is more on the game:
This game is really funny, so I would recommend it! This is just a base, but you can customize these templates as much as you want! Let’s get started.


Gourmet Chef

For this, we will set up a fridge/cabinet, a microwave, a toaster, and a blender. (there is a sandwich maker, but I don’t have any idea how to make it.)


The fridge works like this: You have a switch that will switch to either the fridge or the cabinet. Then, it will teleport you to one of two rooms. One is the fridge, one is the cabinet. Let’s hop in!
Step 1. Place two buttons. Make them say something like “Fridge” and "Cabinet. Make them visible in game.

Step 2. Make 2 teleporters. One belongs to fridge, and the other one belongs to cabinet. Make them have a target group of outside (this will come up later)

Step 3. Make two rooms, one preferably white and one red. Place the teleporters inside of each room, fridge in the fridge and and cabinet in the red room. (In the game, the cabinet is red)

Step 4. Go to your kitchen area, and put a teleporter that has no target group and belongs to outside.

Step 5. Make the buttons teleport you to the coordinating teleporter using wires or channels.
Wire version: Button pressed → Teleport here
Channel version: When button pressed transmit on "fridge/cabinet(depending on which button you are doing) Teleport here when receive
You can make a text that says “go back” next to the teleporters to tell the player they can leave through there.

Step 6. This step is the easiest step! Place a few ingredients around the room using item spawners. That way, players can easily collect ingredients!

------End of Fridge/Cabinet -------


The microwave is an interesting build! In Job Sim, if you put the right ingredients in, you’ll get something like a pizza! But if you put in some random stuff, it will come out as a hot gooey glob of stuff(I learned that the hard way)! So, let’s get started!

Step 1. Make your microwave! I suggest using this to make the design, but ignore the mechanics!
Functioning Kitchen Utilities! (Editing time limit ran out)

Step 2. We need to check the recipes! First, place down an invisible button that says “cook”. Next, bring out some checkers! You can customize these however you want so that it will check for a specific recipe!

Step 3. Now we will make the mechanics! First, get a counter with a target of 0. The counter will start at 3, because that is how long it takes to cook in game. Get 2 wire repeaters, 1 with a delay of 1.0 (a) and the other with a delay of 0.0 (b). Wire the button from Step 2 to the A repeater. Get a trigger that is not visible in game and cannot be triggered by player collision. Then, wire A to the trigger. Make the trigger decrease the counter. Wire A to B and B to A.
When the counter reaches the target, have it deactivate the trigger. Finally, a very important step, make the button reset the counter and activate the trigger! That way, it can be used more than once!

Step 4. Next, wire the counter to the checkers. Target reached → run check.
When the check passes, have it grant you an item using item granters! Check passes → Grant item

Step 5. But what happens when the check fails? Well, we need to make some sloppy mess! When the check fails, have it show a prop not visible on game start (like the trash pile)! Check fails → show prop. Make it when the button to cook is pressed, it hides the prop to make sure it won’t stay there.

-----End Of Microwave-----



For the blender, we can do things like make smoothies and juices to put wherever we like!



Made by Blizzy

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