How to make items do different things?

I’m trying to make a game with limited healing via things like Oranges, Bananas, ect, collected by breaking trees. However, I’m trying to figure out how to make an Orange heal you, but can’t find anything on this

make an game overlay and when you press it remove an item from you inventory but i need to test this to be sure


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Maybe make it so that there is a checker that checks the inventory when a button is pressed, like a game overlay. The checker checks for an orange and then it grants health. And yeah. Then, make it so that when the check passes take away one orange with an item granted.

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Use an overlay called heal, and make the overlay open a popup shop that uses the food as “currency” for health. Popup shop:

I’m looking through the inventory manager, but the only option I’m seeing to remove an Orange would be to delete them all, am I looking in the wrong spot?

Try using an item granter. Set the amount granted to -1 and set the item to orange. Wire the checker to the item granted like, Check passes, grant item into inventory.)

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Wish I could mark two solutions, using a combination of the pop-up shop and the checker/inventory manager (Due to the fact I don’t think I can have straight-up health coming out of the vending machine for the pop-up shop)
The only thing I wish I could do (That isn’t urgent or breaking anything), is to have the pop-up shop’s button be grayed-out if the player doesn’t have an Orange

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