How to make it when you hit a player (not killing them) you slow them down and reduce their damage?

@chikkenugget96 and i need this for our map

Well you’d need some way to detect players being hit (which is not possible currently i think) but the other things are easy, once you detect it, just activate a speed device and a damage boost.


getrithekd is having a simiular problem(but wants to track the shots)

My spelling bad

is there anyway with block code?

Yeah on some devices

wait would using pseudo health adn when players pseudo health runs out, slow them down, give damage debuff, and reset pseudo health? would that work

Here is a guide on how to use pseudo health. And it should.


Pseudo health does not work with real health, and guns only work with real health, so using pseudo health will not work.


well shoot, what do i do now?

You could try something, let me get the link.

You could activate this using zones. Idk if it would work, though.

What’s pseudo health?

Not yet practically possible.* This is something the clay-institute is working on, I think.
*you’d have to do immense coding, there isn’t a setting or device for this yet.

Health that’s tracked in a property value.


i dont think that will work

i guess i can just give up on the idea, but i wish there was a way it could work

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Me too @satorugojo1 but i will come by tomorrow and take a look for ya

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Tag this as clay-institute, and maybe in the future, this will be solved, because this might not be possible at the time

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thanks @Norwegia (he goes to my school, not a stalker)


will do @4r33! yeah ill have to put this on hold for now

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