How to make it to where when you enter a zone you die?

Everything in the title.

you cant

set the zone to kill you or force respawn

you can use lasers tho

attatch a life cycle to it

yeah you can do forced respawn but not killing I think

Zone -> respawn device
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Okay I’ll try. Thank yall

cello five has the answer mark him

when zone entered → on lasers
when zone escaped → off lasers
try your best to make the lasers invisible

Cello Five post worked and I’ll mark it but I got onemore kinda off-topic question. How do I set it to where you have a certain amount of lives?

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Haiasi's remastered version of his guide (I didn't make it)


[How to make a limited number of lives (REMASTERED) [Difficulty 2-3/10 or :green_square:]

This is the remastered version of How to make a limited number of lives [Difficulty :yellow_square: or 4/10]

First, place a Lifecycle.
Set the Event to “Player Knocked Out.”
Then, place a Counter.
Here are it’s settings:

Set the “Starting Value” setting to the number of lives you want each player to start with.
Set the “count scope” to player.

Now, place your property.
I’ll call mine “LivesLeft” but you can name yours whatever you want.
Set the “Property Type” to Number and set the Default Value to the number of lives you want each player to start with.
In the “when property value changes” channel slot, make it broadcast on “updateoverlaylivesleft” or whatever channel you want.
This will be important for the blockcode.

Let’s go back to the Counter.
Go to the “Property” tab and set “Update Property” to “Yes” and put the property you created.

Wire the Lifecycle to the Counter.

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Counter) Decrement Counter

Place your Game Overlay.
Set the Overlay Type to “Text.”
Set the “Content Scope” to player.

Finally, go to the Game Overlay’s blocks.
Create a new block when receiving on a channel.
Now, make it receive on “updateoverlaylivesleft” or whatever channel you put in the property’s “when property value changed, transmit on” chanbel slot.

Put this blockcode in:


”Set Text” = For This Device

”Create Text With” = Text

”Get Property” = Essentials

” Lives Left” = Text

you can probably use a counter and a knockout manage or something

its not off topic at all its to do with your game, make a counter that counts up everytime the respawner repawns you and once it reaches that it sends a signal to a game ender

Ohh yeaaahhhh. I used to have that on my old map but my computer crashed lol.


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