How to make it that everybody on a team gets an item

Then use a Lifecycle with the setting of Game Start and wire that to a Relay which has a relay setting of All Players On Specific Team (Team 1)

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger —> (Item Granter) Grant Item

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It still isn’t working?

I connected it with lifecycle and relay and stuff.

Did you test it with multiple tabs?
What are your device/wire settings?

wait hold on lemme fix smth then test it .-.

ok it works
so what u need to do is
Lifecycle: leave alone
Change the relay to be this:

Item Granter:

Map Options:

this works 110%

ahctually you need to set the map options to cooperative so this team setup guide can work because half of the players would be impostors :nerd_face:

but that should be right

How do I do this on cooperative?

u said u had 2 teams, cooperative means that everyone works together. so that doesnt make sense. if u want to do what the title says of this topic. then do what i said (and haiasi said)

click the map options, go to teams and set it to cooperative

it has to be cooperative because half of the players would be impostors and it would make the team setup not work

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yes, it is an among us map

I think so.

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Yes, this is an among-us map.

Hey, this guy copied my old pfp!!!


I’m following the ultimate among us guide that il made but having issues with it I want an entire team gets an item but only that team

oh, then if it is cooperative. dont u still have team 1 and 2??

You still have if you followed bh’s team setup guide

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I do have team 1 and team 2

this is to much gimkiting for my small brain.
im going to spend 5 minutes thinking to myself then return to this topic

Wait I don’t remember anything like that in my tug
What would you need that for anyways

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So I can make a popup for everybody on team 1 that their crewmate

You know you can just skip the item part and just use a Lifecycle, Relay and Popup right?

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