How to make it so when a player steps on a trigger it send a message to everyone

I’m confused on how to make it so when a player triggers something it sends a message to everyone. I’m trying to make a piggy gamemode and I made a grid type arena area so I want the coordinates of the place to send out.

use a notification and make it a global message

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Oh ok I didn’t think of that, thank you.

not trying to sound rude but you might wanna look up how to do something before you make a post about it, it helps clear space or smt

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Use a trigger that transmits on a channel. Let’s call this channel “relay to everyone” then have a relay that transmits to everyone and activates on “relay to everyone”. Have the relay transmit on another channel maybe called “message”. Then, have a notification activate on “messagel

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I dont know how to say this, but your pfp unsettles me… i dont know why. It just does.

Ok so i think i wasn’t specific enough I forgot to mention I wanted to make it so the player name shows up. iv’e already looked it up and I don’t think I was able to understand it

I can change it if it unsettles you

uh oh, thats something completely different
look at this topic first:
The journey of block code: a in-depth guide on block code! The introduction

OK thanks. …

Gotcha. So what you want to do is utilize activity feed. Give me a sec and i will make an example block code :slight_smile:

having the player’s name is a bit more technical, if i just told you how to do it, it would be super confusing.

Ok so here is a pic of the blocks you need:

When you put the together, you cannot see them in the screen shot, so that is why they are apart.

  1. Make a block on “when triggered”
  2. Blue Activity feed for everyone is connected horizontally with create text (green) block.
  3. See the two little nibs on the end of the create text with block?
  4. Put a text box and a “triggering persons name” block attached to each nib, IN THE ORDER YOU WANT IT TO SAY (top to bottom, horizontally)
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Does this solve your problem? LMK with any questions!

Yes it does solve thank you very much!

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