How to make high tier props!

First, lets look at this bridge I made:

Looks like an actual bridge right? But if you look closely, you’ll see that the edges are made barriers!
the metal lining is just some rotated metal poles! and the bridge part itself is just tinted chalk boards!
And the bottom part of the bridge is just a supermassive wooden pole that is transparent and on light diamond plate terrain to give it a gray effect. So with the ability to resize, rotate, re-tint, transparentize, and others, you can make anything!


Hey! This is great! You’re a pretty cool artist, so keep up the good work! :purple_square:

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Thats so cool!


almost used vending machines instead of the chalk boards (devices can also be used this way)

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nice guide! I would’ve never thought of this

Im making this into like one way out but more like a hotel with attractions. maybe even where you have to lead away hordes of plants away with cameras and intercom. Here is sneak peek of beginning area.

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Hey I want you to make a fish tank!

if you can make THAT then you can do anything!


Me hanging with da fishes:
Screenshot 2023-08-31 4.17.54 PM

DANG you really made that

Where’s @mysz?

Yeah, where is my pet???

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Wait, I have a pet fish, right? What color would it be?

NO CODES! Please delete that immediatly! You could get banned!


Red definitely

No. What colors are there? Is there an orange one?

Bruh, your pfp is red tho

Gray, green, red, blue, purple, green and red, yellow, purple gradient, magenta, and gold

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Blue it is. And @Vortex-Mist, thanks for reminding me that I forgot to change my pfp!

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can i be purple???