How to Make High Tier Props Part 2

Last time I said you could use anything to make anything with props. But then i remembered a post i saw that says you can use emojis with text! which brings out billions of possibilities! you can do much more Patterns, Pixel art, and being able to make custom props. which makes things truly endless. Use this site to get the emojis

so well be able to get things like this notebook. and cars! Ima go do a car driving game now


NIce find, that code help me a lot, but you il not be able to read the book or drive the cars…

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Another nice guide! Sweet!

you might wan’t to remove this part, and say you can use emojis in text, since others have already discovered it.

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Yep, like custom images with pixel art.

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Or the vending maching trick by @Anythinger (or maybe it was @WhoAmI, I can never remember.)

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What trick?

The text with emoji over the vending machine.

Not me…

I said you or @WhoAmI. I can’t remember things.

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It was WhoAmI who made it.

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